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The Meaning Of Life

You know what really sucks (so far, anyway) about getting old? LOOKING FOR THE DAMN MEANING! I’m at the last third of my life. The first third went by very very slowly. As a kid, a year took forever. Not only was the school day endless, but so was each wonderful summer day. The second …

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Not Quite Patient

Patience is a wonderful thing.  So is impatience. I am willing to wait a long time for what I really want. I didn’t marry until I was forty.  And as I approach my twentieth anniversary, I know it was definitely worth the wait. So why do I endorse impatience too? Because when you impatiently fill …

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Not Quite Old – Yoga

My favorite part of Eat, Pray, Love –no wait—my favorite part was scarfing down all of Italy.  Let me rephrase—the only part of “Pray” that I liked was one little paragraph where Elizabeth Gilbert describes her meditation.  She’s really beginning to enjoy the mindful solitude of meditation.  So much so that deep in the serenity …

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