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No story here – just thought I would show you my doggie, Theo, at his most berserk. It was very hot last weekend, so we filled the dog’s little bathtub so he could stay cool while we were working in the yard. First, Theo stepped into the tub and got wet.   Then he scooted …

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The Beauty Parlor

Ten weeks ago, my husband took my puppy for his first haircut. I had to work. But I should have known better. I should have taken the day off. Dads cannot communicate what Moms want for their kids’ hairdos. Theo is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an ancient Italian breed that is the ancestor to the Standard …

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Distracted – In The Best Way!

Why I was too distracted this week to write something new: I’m a new Mom! His name is Theo, and he’s eleven weeks old. Theo is a Lagotto Romagnolo – an ancient Italian breed who is the ancestor to the Standard Poodle. Lagottos are medium sized dogs – about 30 pounds full-grown – who are …

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