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Dimming The Ground Lights

A few years ago – at this same time of the year, my husband and I went out rather late at night to relax in the hot tub. We went out through the garage, and our path to the patio was well-lit by the motion-detector light that was activated when we opened the garage door. …

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Peripheral Love

I recently wrote about some small joys that help me get through my worrisome days. One in particular I wrote about was my Zumba lady – a woman who dances with abandon (and a totally different rhythm than the music might seem to indicate). She is so wonderfully happy when she dances that she makes …

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Einstein Boating

  A question – amongst all the questions I ask myself in my so-called older years: What is worth spending money on? Do I really want new clothes when I have drawers and drawers of clothes? Well, yes, of course I do. But how much will more sweaters add to my happiness in my twilight …

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Defining Joy

Yesterday a friend remarked to me that he wished he had more joy in his life. I felt bad for him. My own day was filled with joy. When I woke up I felt the warmth of my cat who had nestled himself behind the crook of my knee. I showered with my favorite fragrant …

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That Much Better

I love small pleasures. The little things in life charm me more than the big once-in-a-lifetime surprises. Mostly because once-in-a-lifetime is too seldom. But I can experience small joys every day. Like the ivy that grows on the building I work in.     Or blueberries.   I love blueberries. And I have blueberries for …

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