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On The Job Training

I was commenting about work on a friend’s blog, when it occurred to me that I have been working for forty years. (And it would have been even longer except that I stretched out college for absolutely as long as my parents could stand.) Well, forty years of work life has provided me with some …

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I’m Not Quitting My Day Job

I celebrated Labor Day by skipping any Labor whatsoever. But being a good nose-to-the-grindstone New Englander, I feel I should also celebrate Labor Day by celebrating actual Labor. I like my job. Let me count the ways. 1. First of all, they pay me. Well, duh. I work; I get paid. Only fair. But think …

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Not My Dream Job

As I wrote in my last post, for a very long time (too long to call it a childhood fantasy) I wanted to be on TV. Well, it sort of turned out that way.  I worked for TV. Though not as an actress playing the heroine. I was in Finance. But although I was preparing …

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Dream Job

I’m proud to be First Generation.  The first generation to grow up with TV. My parents got their first television in 1951, the year I was born. They had the first TV in the family; the first TV in the neighborhood. They told me stories about everyone coming over on Friday night to watch Boxing. …

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