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I used to swoon for the Academy Awards. I made it a point to see every film nominated, and I prided myself on being able to predict the winners in every category. I went to the movies almost every Saturday when I was a kid. My mother sometimes had to search the sofa cushions for …

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Spending My Millions

I have just about everything I want. And most of the stuff that I don’t have – well, it’s just because it hasn’t worked its way up my priority list yet. I have a nice house, nice car, a very nice and very big wardrobe (and a nice big closet in my nice house to …

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They Obviously Asked The Wrong People

The response to my bikini dilemma was overwhelming. Just about everyone encouraged me to go for it. But as enthusiastic as you were, I figured I should seek a professional opinion too. So I did a search  – “How old is too old for a bikini?” And I found an article that puts age limits …

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