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The Anniversary

Now that I have been working on Flash (short-short) Fiction, I remembered this story I wrote and posted eleven years ago. It was my attempt to think like a man, which I admit, I suck at. I’m seventy-one, and I still have no idea how men think. **** THE ANNIVERSARY Ah, damn.  I did it …

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Flash Fiction – Week 3. This week’s prompt was “He said; She said.” The goal was to write a story under 500 words entirely through dialog between a man and a woman. **** REUNION He said, “What a view!”She said, “It’s lovely. Come and sit here.”“You look familiar. Do I know you?”“Yes – it’s been …

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Flash Fiction Course. Week 2. I was given the prompt, “All I have left is this photograph.” Goal: Write a story in under 1,000 words. ****** ALL I HAVE LEFT IS THIS PHOTOGRAPH Everybody told me not to go. My parents, of course. My mother cried. My sisters said I was nuts. My father said …

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I haven’t written anything in a while, but I’d like to get started again. So when I saw that my library was offering a short course in Flash Fiction, I signed up. I am hoping it just gets my creative juices (and motivation) kickstarted. This is my first assignment. Write a short-story story where the …

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