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Alternate Endings

Do you ever wish that the writer of the book you just read or the movie you saw would have consulted you before she decided on that particular ending? I do. Sometimes it is simply historical reality that makes people or characters act the way they act. But I see so many occasions where there …

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Scarfing Through The Years

Yeah, there’s another definition of scarfing, and I’ve certainly done my share of that through the years too. But this is about literal scarfing. My First Scarf: Back when I was dancing to Annette Funicello records, I had a little Annette scarf tied around my neck. I felt awkward with this scarf. It didn’t serve …

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Don’t Laugh. (Or Blink.)

I am on a quest. Well, several, really. I am a seeker of knowledge,of love, of joy. And, of beauty. My heart warms at a sunset, a lovely photograph, or a baby’s smile. Flowers lift my spirit. A cello can make me cry. And since I was a little girl, I have sought personal beauty …

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