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In The Face Of Unkindness

Every day on Twitter, my dog Theo posts a tidbit of advice for a happier life. I will admit that I help him because he doesn’t type or spell well. But Theo also helps me because he definitely provides me with a happier life every day. Someone asked me recently how I (or Theo) come …

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Raindrops Keep Falling On Your Head

There’s an old joke my father used to tell.  A guy goes to the doctor and lifts his left arm over his head and says, “It hurts when I do this.”  The doctor replies: “Don’t do that.” I thought of this today as I was making coffee this morning. I cannot understand why someone hasn’t …

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Losing My Temper

I don’t handle criticism well. I can pretend to shrug it off, but truthfully, it’s hard. It’s hard to have someone say you’re wrong. It’s harder for someone to say you’re dumb. And it is downright scary for someone to say vicious, even threatening, things about you. Two years ago, I tweeted often about my …

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Insulted? Maybe not.

Years ago I went to a party and there was a guy there I had not seen in years. He was surprised to see me. Because six months earlier there had been a murder in my town, and the poor young murder victim bore the same last name as mine. And this distant friend exclaimed, …

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Criticism: The Doggy Bag

I hate Criticism. Doesn’t everyone? Constructive or destructive – don’t tell ME what you don’t like about me! I don’t want to hear it. However. Over the years, I have discovered that I can kind of do Criticism if I just take my time. Let it slowly work its way into my consciousness. Criticism has …

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Role Model

After I so thoroughly and lovingly complimented myself last week, I think it is only fair to acknowledge that I just perhaps – very slightly – might have a few shortcomings. For example: How I React To Criticism: Which is: Not Well. Although I recognize that I have a few faults – I do not …

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