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College Advice

I am fortunate enough to have two separate generations of nephews and nieces. Once my sister’s kids were just about grown, my brother started a family. I think that was very considerate of him to give me a chance to spoil only one set at a time. And my second set is now growing up. …

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Autumn Shopping Spree

Autumn is here. I love Summer. I hate to see it go. But there is something so appealing about Autumn. The colors, the clear sky, the rustle of the leaves. The kids headed back to school. The shopping. Oh, yes, definitely the shopping. The fall clothes are so beautiful. I window-shop online –  you can …

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I Want A Do-Over

My last post was filled with sweet college memories. Because I am still filled with nostalgia for college – as I am every September – here’s a post from three years ago…   DO-OVER Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me …

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College Moments

I always have it in September. A wistfulness. I loved school. Not elementary or high school though. College. How I loved college. I finally found a place that suited me completely. The atmosphere of learning. The very air charged with intelligence.Living right where you went to school. Walking to classes. The pride of reading. And …

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Regrets – I’ve Had A Few

It’s August, and of course we are already being inundated with back-to-school advertising. When I was a kid, I hated seeing those ads for school clothes and  newspaper flyers for pencils and notepads. It was August. Not time to think about school. Give me another month of wonderful summer, please. But since school seems to …

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I Am So Ready

I’m taking a little time off, but I don’t want to take a chance that you’d forget me, so here is a repeat from three years ago. But it’s still true –  except for the 61 part. Now I’m 64.  And more than ready.   I’M FINALLY READY In the winter of my junior year …

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I Take It All Back

Yes, I take it all back. Every complaint about living with my husband, that is. Because I was just reminded of another roommate I had long, long time ago. My first college roommate. Let’s call her Blanche.  (I thought about calling her Repulsa, but let’s stick with Blanche.) And what brought Blanche back to mind …

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Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning. I wish it were me packing up Dad’s station wagon to go off to college. I’d take my favorite pillow, and those narrow twin-bed sheets and an Indian batik bedspread. I’d bring my popcorn popper to warm a can …

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Oh, The Irony!

Yes, my husband complained about the hardships of preparing a sandwich, while I was cooking dinner. (“Let’s Put It In Context“) But writing about that little incident reminded me that my husband isn’t alone in failing to recognize bad timing. Let’s go back a few years… forty to be exact. (Oh yeah, I still remember. It’s …

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