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The Seniors’ Door

Back when I was in high school – which was either just yesterday or fifty years ago, I forget which – there was a tradition associated with a door. The Seniors’ Door. The high school was a low, 2-story sprawling structure. I don’t think it was all built at the same time. It looked to …

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The World’s Best Invention

When I wrote last month about the jewelry box my mother bought for me when I was twelve, several people located the box for sale on the web (the same place I found the photo) and suggested I buy it again. For the memory of it. But I don’t need to buy someone else’s similar …

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Lessons From The Straight And Narrow

I stopped today on a busy street to let some poor schmuck get out of his driveway. A whole bunch of memories drove off with him. When I was a little kid, I lived in a three-family house. My Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Bo and their three kids lived on the first floor. We – …

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