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Move Over, Sue Ellen

Now that I have my blonde highlights, I figured I would go out and buy yet MORE new makeup. After all, now I’m a blonde (sort of), and so I might need slightly different shades. Although my favorite makeup arena is the drugstore aisle, I treated myself to a trip to Sephora. Sephora lets you …

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Out Of This World

A few months ago, I expressed my suspicion that my husband might be an alien. He ate his turkey soup with a fork. And when I questioned him, he explained that he ALWAYS ate the ‘stuff’ out of the soup first with his fork, and then used his spoon for the broth. ALWAYS. But in …

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Not Quite Old Makeup #2

Back to the three levels of Makeup: Wal-Mart Work Wedding I figure I wear Makeup #1 – Walmart makeup – 10 times per year, and Wedding makeup, twice.  That means for 353 days out of 365, I wear makeup #2, Work Makeup..  Work makeup is appropriately named.  Not only because I wear it to work.  …

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