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Worrying About My Heroes

I need hero protection. To get me through this pandemic and these divisive insane times, I have been painting a series of portraits of people I admire. I call them my Hero Portraits. My first few portraits were relatively easy picks. They are people for whom my belief is so strong, my confidence in their …

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A Streetcar Named Ernie

I always thought I would marry an artsy kind of guy. But every time I dated a man who knew about the ballet, or literature, or film –  nothing ever sparked. Then I met a man who knew NOTHING about culture.  Really Nothing. And I was delighted with him. He knew cars and tools and …

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I earned an honorable mention in a local art contest when I was twelve.  And it infuriated me. I was in seventh grade, and one day in art class, I drew a picture of a Spanish senorita.  It wasn’t original; I copied from a picture I saw in a magazine.  It looked something like this: …

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