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The Limit

Yesterday, I warned the dogs: “I am at my limit.” This warning was at a decibel level that surprised even me. I don’t think I have been that screechy-loud since the day about sixty years ago, when the gang playing Red Rover thought it would be funny to just let go when I ran full-tilt …

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More Advice – And Why You Can Ignore It

I give lots and lots of advice. Just as if I know what the hell I’m talking about. I don’t have any qualifications for all this advice – except that I’m intelligent, good-hearted – and old. Old people are allowed to give advice, because they have so much experience. Of course, in my case, I’m …

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Stop Doing That

All through our lives, we have to do stuff we really don’t want to do. We all pay bills and taxes, and that really sucks. I wish my Grandma was here with her little change purse, giving me a quarter right now. We all obey laws – stopping at red lights and picking up dog …

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Get Over It

All I have to do is mention Mrs. Sweeney and my husband starts to seethe. Here’s the story (that I have heard about forty-six times): Mrs. Sweeney was my husband’s first grade teacher. A few months into the year, his mother came to school for a parent-teacher conference. And as my future husband sat by …

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