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Here’s a true story about speaking up and about listening. Several years ago, there was a family that dealt with a serious crisis. Their two-year-old toddler was very ill, and was in the hospital for months. (It all turned out well – I am happy to reassure you… but it was touch and go for …

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Today I tweeted one of my daily “Theo’s Pup Tip Of The Day”-   I was inspired by finding myself giving that circular hand motion – you know the one – the one that says “wrap it up already” to someone I love. Yeah, Yeah… I heard this a million times… wrap it up already. …

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Taking Sides

Although I recently posted about giving people the benefit of the doubt, I admit that this practice doesn’t always work. Most importantly, we should never explain away or excuse bigotry, violence, or abuse. But even in more simple everyday ways, we need – when giving the benefit of the doubt – to make sure we …

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When You Don’t Feel Like It

I’m trying to concentrate on Kindness this year. Practicing Kindness is pretty easy when you are being appreciative to those you love or considerate to benign strangers. Holding the door for someone with an armload of packages or buying a treat for your spouse is a piece of cake… (literally, if that is the treat …

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