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In my obsession with youth, I write a lot about beauty products. I am willing to try just about any cream, lotion, oil – my favorite youthenizer is always giving way to my next favorite youthenizer. And then there’s makeup  –  I love primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, shadow, powder. And lipgloss, lipstick, …

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Halloween Guilt: How I Scared The Crap Out Of An Eight-Year-Old

It was unintentional. But I should have known better. It was the Fall of 1974. I was a senior in college and doing my student teaching in Puerto Rico. (Yeah, yeah. You’re doing the math and figuring out that I was 23. So I took a few extra years in college.  So what? I liked …

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Child Prodigy

By now I am sure you are wondering: How in the world did Nancy acquire her unerring fashion sense? Well, I don’t want to discourage you if you aspire to my ‘chic-ness’  – but the truth is: I was born this way. Why, I remember lying in my crib, watching my sweet old auntie (whose …

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Back To School

Several teachers weighed in when I wrote about my long-term affection for the first day of school. They get to feel that way every year, they bragged. And I was jealous. Sort of. Back in college, I thought I might teach. Not Accounting or Business like I work in now. No, I was an English …

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Of Tom Mix and Clam Chowder

Today would have been my father’s 90th birthday. In honor of the occasion, I’d like to honor some of his favorite things. Tom Mix: My father’s earliest memories included going to the theater to see Tom Mix in a silent movie. To Dad, Tom Mix was a real cowboy. (He certainly had a real hat, …

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The Big Reveal

I’m going to deviate from my normal format –  Silly Vanity, and venture into Serious Vanity. For more than a year, I’ve been sharing my desperate attempts to be young, and six months ago, I decided on how much younger I wanted to be. I decided to be forty-six. I figured that subtracting fifteen years …

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Life’s Stupid Paradox

Friday night we went out for our bimonthly treat – kiddie-size low-fat frozen yogurt (We are SO good). We were sitting in the car with our minuscule snack listening to the Grand Ole Opry. (Don’t even ask – let’s just say my husband has a serious Sirius issue.) Little Jimmy Dickens told the same joke he’s been …

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Practice, Practice, Practice

You know the old joke – The tourist asks the New Yorker: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Well, I’ve been practicing all right. This is my 200th blog. I started fourteen months ago with a two-paragraph post about bathing suits, and I’ve been writing about bathing suits and other weirdnesses …

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