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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

The Best Day

When I was a kid, do you know what my favorite day of the year was? Yeah, okay, Christmas. (Good guess.) After all, I was a little girl who loved dolls and clothes and anything wrapped up. And unwrapping stuff. And tree-trimming and angel decorations. And parties and singing. And staying up late and getting …

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Your New Hues

Because I am addicted to Fashion  – and because I get a ton of junk emails just loaded with useless information –I have the scoop on the hot colors for this autumn. The hottest of the hot is Burnt Orange.  (Yup, Burnt is hot).  This year it is softer and ‘dustier’ than last year’s orange. …

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Driving Me Crazy

I love to go for a drive. But I don’t love being the driver. I like being the passenger. (In the front seat of course. I’m not that crazy about throwing up.) I like when my husband drives and I can: – File my nails – Check my email – Write a blog in my …

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Renaissance Woman

For a little girl who thought culture came from the tin-foiled rabbit ears on the big Sylvania TV  – after all, Ed Sullivan had ballet dancers as well as Topo Gigio – I somehow acquired fabulous Class. I’ve now been to the ballet. (It was just like The Ed Sullivan Show, although no one spinned …

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Fountain Leaks

My Fountain of Youth has sprung a few leaks. Since I decided that I would be forty-six instead of sixty-one, most everything has been going pretty well. My hair is blonder and longer. I’m slimmer and fitter –  what with zumba-ing my ass off, and yoga-ing off those flabby wings that my upper arms used …

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I’m Younger Than That Now

When I first decided to get healthy – exercising more and eating right – my husband was a bit perturbed. He wasn’t too happy about how much time I spent at the gym, and he was even less enthused about the amount of snacks in the pantry. “You trying to be forty is going to make me …

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