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Mirror, Mirror

Yesterday, I went to my mother’s for our weekly dinner together. It’s my treat, and we alternate between two of her favorite meals – McDonald’s and Subway. This time she chose McDonald’s. Not good for my diet, but certainly okay for my budget. I bought two McDoubles (boy, do I hate those silly names) and …

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Oh, The Irony!

Yes, my husband complained about the hardships of preparing a sandwich, while I was cooking dinner. (“Let’s Put It In Context“) But writing about that little incident reminded me that my husband isn’t alone in failing to recognize bad timing. Let’s go back a few years… forty to be exact. (Oh yeah, I still remember. It’s …

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Let’s Put It In Context

Okay, I confessed to a few tiny little imperfections in my wifely role (“Bad Wife“). Which reminds me of the only joke my very serious mother-in-law ever told me: Several months into a very happy honeymoon, one morning the husband says to his wife,  “Honey, I love you so much. But now that we have …

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Bad Wife

When I was a little girl, I lived in a pretty crowded house. Mom and Dad, two sisters, one brother, and Grandma – all in a two bedroom apartment, in a two-family house with my cousins downstairs. Privacy was rare. Sooner or later (I think when my brother doing his math homework in his crib), Dad …

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I Hope There Are Windows In Heaven.

When I was young, my father loved cigars. A while ago, I wrote about Dad smoking cigars in the car (“Riding In The Car with Daddy”). I sat up front between my father and my mother – basically because my sisters would not sit next to me. I was nauseated most of the time. And …

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Closet Miracles

God wants me to have lots and lots of clothes. He has proven this to me repeatedly. (I am tempted to say ‘She’ when I refer to God, especially as related to fashion. But I know better. I have been certain for a long time that God is male. How do I know?  Periods.  Let’s …

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Swimsuits. Seriously.

I described my last post – Sharing Swimsuit Secrets – as serious. But as usual, it was silly. However, I do have something serious I want to say on the subject. There will be silly stuff in here – I can’t help myself – but actually, this is one of the most earnest little essays …

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Shhh…I’m Sharing Secrets For Successful Swimsuit Shopping

And I sell seashells by the seashore. But seriously; this is serious stuff. Shopping can be fun. Bathing suit shopping – not so much. That’s why I haven’t shopped for a new swimsuit for six years. So imagine my surprise that I have just endured this process and I am still partially sane. And I am generously …

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Niagara Falls, Part Two

Back in the early 80s, I took an aerobics class at a local storefront fitness center. It was women only, so we weren’t trying to impress any Hans and Franz dudes. But it didn’t stop us from being adorable. This is me in 1983 in my favorite aerobics outfit. Yeah, you’re looking at a high-cut …

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Oh, Grow Up!

Remember that book from about twenty-five years ago – “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” ? It was a cute little book with life lessons like: “Put things back.” “Don’t take stuff that isn’t yours.” “Wash your hands before you eat.” The book was a huge hit, but I’m not sure …

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