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Niagara Falls, Part One

Thursday, May 24, 2012. One of my very best days. Well, not the whole day. I had an excellent nineteen minutes. The best nineteen hair minutes of my life. I took my shower and washed my hair as usual. Also as usual, I applied my three special styling products. A special root lifter first, then …

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Above Average

Things got a little wormy –as in, ‘opening a can of’ ‘ — last week. I wrote about my friend’s experience while shopping.  She wanted to try on a dress that another woman was holding, and the rude woman informed my friend, “It’s a six – Not a sixteen!” I was appalled that someone could …

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He Scores!

Everyone likes lists. The Top 100 Books Of All Time, The 20 Worst Breakfast Foods, Ten Biggest Bugs of North America, The Six Stupidest Politicians…(maybe that was sixty). And you know who REALLY likes lists? iVillage. I signed up for emails from iVillage several years ago. At the time, I thought that I would get …

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I’ll Make It Fit

My friend Dee was shopping this weekend. She happened upon a customer who was showing the saleslady a dress. “I love this dress,” the customer said, “but it’s a size six.”  Do you by any chance have this in a twelve?” Dee didn’t tell me what the saleslady answered, but I can fill in the …

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Winning Lizzie

A few days ago, I asked for your interpretive suggestions for my cryptic note, “Lizzie Borden Mugshot”. You certainly had some creative ideas – none of which reminded me of what I meant when I wrote those words. It appears I have permanent Lizzie amnesia. However, you did prove to me that you all know …

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Kissing Frogs

My husband is a sweet eccentric. From reading my blog, you would certainly see the eccentric side – because it’s so much fun to write about. But he’s also quirky enough that some folks have asked me why in the world I was drawn to him in the first place. (as opposed to running for …

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Help Wanted: Translator

This is an audience participation post. I have a little notebook that I carry with me all the time. See how cute it is.  And responsible. It’s all recycled. Even the pen is recycled cardboard (well not the inside). It’s very inspirational. (except I try not to recycle too many stories).  It was also free. …

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Searching For Middle Ground

It’s finally warm in Connecticut. So I wanted to wear one of my favorite silk cardigans to work. I was looking for some pants that would match, and I came upon an old pair of crops in my closet.  They are a pretty taupe color, and would go great with my sweater. I haven’t worn …

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University of Jeans

Today,  I present you with a combination Fashion Quiz and Expert (meaning me) Style Advice. First, check out these two different styles of jeans: Notice the Mom Jeans on the left. How they come up really high in the waist, and blossom out in  a womanly way around the hips.  They have a really long …

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Please Don’t Come Back

Oh not you.  I love all you little clickers. No, it’s certain styles whose return I fear. This weekend, I was rummaging through a drawer and found this: I don’t remember the exact circumstances for this workplace photo, but I know it was taken about 1977 – when I was twenty-six. I have infallible, exquisite …

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