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A Quickie

So we were scrolling through the channel guide a few nights ago, looking in vain for something to watch in the 7,684 channel choices. Around channel 309, my husband says, “Wait, go back.” And of course I knew what he meant. Sex and The City 2. “You know,”  I said, “Just because the word ‘sex’ …

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I admit it. I was a terrible little tattletale. I could claim that it was because I had two older sisters who tormented me, so I always ended up running to Mommy with tearful complaints. Only not exactly. Sure they tormented me, but that was their job as big sisters. And actually, their torment was …

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My Beauty Advisor

When you’re a girly-girl, it doesn’t stop when you reach a certain age. I love makeup just as much as I did when I was twelve and bought my first Pink Cameo lipstick. Makeup holds so much promise. The next foundation might make me glow. The right eyeliner can turn me into Elizabeth Taylor (or …

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The Ultimate Youthful Accessory

When I was a little girl, my parents had good friends who had a very pretty daughter. Carolyn was about nine years older than me, and so very mysterious. My sisters were a little older than me,  but there was no mystery there – they were just slightly more obnoxious versions of me.  And they …

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Letters From Home

Lest you think my family was being mean to my mother in poking fun at her lost Frank Sinatra record, let me tell you a little story about my mother’s sense of humor … I was in college in the early 70’s.  No one had very much money, but you didn’t need much either. My …

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It’s Not Lost

Last night my husband was describing to me the best photograph he had ever taken – a monarch butterfly perched on a dewdrop on a flower.  He said that he loved that photo, because it was the most beautiful thing he had ever created. He lost track of that picture years ago, and he wondered …

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Cutting The Cheese

One of my favorite expressions is “light-hearted”. I love all that “light-hearted” conveys: happiness that lifts the heart; the weightlessness of joy. I am light-hearted. I am easily pleased and I don’t worry much. I look for the best in people, and I’m quick to see the humor in everything. It’s what I like best …

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Skinny, But Not Too Skinny

Back in November, I went to The City (New York City, of course; we just call it The City in Connecticut – we’re that cool) and discovered that I had slipped off the fashion treadmill. I was still wearing boot-cut jeans when everyone had gone to skinny jeans tucked into tall boots (“Country Mouse“). This only …

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Out Of This World

A few months ago, I expressed my suspicion that my husband might be an alien. He ate his turkey soup with a fork. And when I questioned him, he explained that he ALWAYS ate the ‘stuff’ out of the soup first with his fork, and then used his spoon for the broth. ALWAYS. But in …

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I’m Finally Ready

In the winter of my junior year of college, the brief phenomenon known as Streaking streaked through our campus. Boys in thick work boots and wool hats and nothing else ran by the women’s dorms every evening. One night, a dozen boys staged a relay.  We watched from our windows as they ran by in one-minute …

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