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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Passing The Torch

So as soon as I proclaimed that Zumba was the most delightful exercise in the world – I seem to have thrown out my back at the very next class. I had gone to bed a tiny bit sore, and woke up immobile. For the next three days I inched my way from the bed …

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Riding In The Car With Daddy

When I was a kid, my father liked to take us all for a ride in the car. Gas was cheap then. We’d drive up to the airport and watch the planes take off. That was exciting in the fifties. None of us thought we would ever get in one. Sometimes we’d go out after …

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My New Career

I love television. When I write about TV though, I mostly write about the old shows:  The Mickey Mouse Club, Ed Sullivan, The Mod Squad. I’ve pretty much stayed away from today’s shows – mostly because I could never do them justice the way Speaker7 over at RamblingsandRumblings does. But I watched a show on …

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