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A Tasteless, Yet Gratifying, Tale

Somewhere around my fifth year of college, I rediscovered my shyness. Inexplicably, I felt thirteen again. Awkward, unattractive, tongue-tied. I stopped dating. I forgot how to flirt. It was a phase. It lasted ten years. When I hit thirty, I figured it was time to do more than work and go to school. So I …

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Zumba Babe

So we’re watching TV a few nights ago, and a commercial comes on for Zumba DVDs. There’s a really hot babe – she’s sweating like someone poured a Flashdance bucket on her. She’s what they used to call ‘scantily clad’. And she’s thrusting her lady parts like her joints are lubricated with… um… lubricant. By …

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You know what I miss? I miss the Drive-In. Drive-Ins were such a weird invention. Some nut-case (actually his name was Hollingshead) way back in the twenties decided that it would be a great idea to sit in your car and watch a movie. It took about twenty years to perfect the screen and the sound… …

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Let Me Hint Louder

Because I didn’t marry until I was forty, I missed an important little fact about men. (Of course it is possible that missing this lesson was one reason why I didn’t marry until forty.) It’s intuition. Men have none.  They have no sense of ‘sense’. When I was a little girl, communication with my mother …

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Vacation Plans

This week,Coming East wrote about her “Anti-Bucket List” – about all the things she would never want to do. The first thing that popped into my head was that I didn’t want to eat any bugs. Because I don’t care to ingest insects, I guess I would not be a very good candidate for “Survivor”. I …

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How I Almost Went To Hell

Back in the 80s, I spent about a year as the general manager of a Cable TV system.  It was a small system in a little Connecticut town, but it was owned by one of the big giant cable operators. I’m sure you know the one, because they are The One. I had been a …

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Career Choice

My husband retired last year. He doesn’t particularly like it.  (I think I might particularly like it, but that’s another story.) He sold advertising, but in this economy, sales were down for the company he worked for, and they couldn’t afford him anymore. He was already 65, so he retired. And now he’s 66, so …

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Scarfing Through The Years

Yeah, there’s another definition of scarfing, and I’ve certainly done my share of that through the years too. But this is about literal scarfing. My First Scarf: Back when I was dancing to Annette Funicello records, I had a little Annette scarf tied around my neck. I felt awkward with this scarf. It didn’t serve …

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It’s My Party……………………… And I’ll Photoshop If I Want To

Today’s my birthday. The day I have to change my “About” page.  Since I started my blog in July, it has read “I’m sixty” – but today it says “I’m sixty-one.” I guess I need to change my blog photo too. I’ve been proud of that photo. I took it exactly one year ago. I …

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Shopping For Kielbasa

My last two blogs are ethnically connected. They are both rooted in New Britain, Connecticut. This is where my Polish grandparents lived, and where my doctor’s office is. When I was a little girl, my Babci used to take me down Broad Street to all the Polish shops. Lots of little markets, and no one speaking …

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