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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Not Quite Right, Dr. Freud

I was reminded the other day of Freud’s theory that by age six or so, a young girl is devastated by the realization that she doesn’t have a penis. She experiences this as a great loss that affects her for the rest of her life. I think I read about Freud’s claims when I was …

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Dancing In The Dark

I am thrilled to report significant progress on my 2012 goals. I am ever so much closer to being a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars!” That’s right.  My quest for the Mirror-Ball Trophy has taken a dramatic leap forward. I often need to get up during the night.  Usually because of the needs of …

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But My Ankles Look Slim.

Last month when I spent the day in New York City, I found that my beloved boot-cut jeans were out of fashion, and everyone was wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots (“Country Mouse“). I always buy Christmas presents for myself. And guess what? I always seem to pick out just the perfect gift for me. It’s …

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And Of Course Mom Was Right!

In my essay about my Mom’s advice (“Beyond Clean Underwear”), I quoted my Mother’s career advice: “Be as creative as you want, but also develop a skill to fall back on. I’ve never seen a want-ad for a poet.” She said this to me in my junior year of college.  I had just received a …

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I’m Goin’ Big

Every year for the last umpteen years, I make New Year’s Resolutions. I keep them modest, so that they are achievable.  Pick up my shoes. Walk on my treadmill twice a week. Save a few dollars. But even with very small goals, I don’t have much success. So this year – as long as I …

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