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Beyond Clean Underwear: Advice From Mom

Today is my mother’s 88th birthday, so I thought it would be appropriate to re-issue this post from August.  BEYOND CLEAN UNDERWEAR:  ADVICE FROM MOM My mother’s advice extended far beyond bus-proofing my unmentionables. My mother’s advice was wise, witty, and right. The first advice I remember her offering – (there were lots of  “don’t …

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Adverbally Endowed

I waited impatiently all week for my husband to say something incredibly sweet or laughingly stupid, so I’d have a really good topic for my blog, but he stubbornly refused to be sufficiently amusing. So I had nothing. Except… I do have the overly adverbed sentence above. Yes, I confess. I am an adverb addict. …

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Expiration Date

Well, it only took two days after I wrote about my mother’s vanity (Not Quite Fourteen) to find out I was wrong.  I don’t need a full retraction, but a slight modification is certainly in order. Last night I discovered that there may actually be an expiration date on Vanity. It just might be that Vanity …

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Not Quite Fourteen

Last week I heard someone say, “Oh no! I’ve become my mother!” Well, I HAVE become my mother. And I couldn’t be happier. Becoming my mother has always been my goal. She’s smart, sweet, pretty, and best of all, funny. And the more I’m like her, the more I like myself too. Except for one tiny …

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I try not to remember George W. Bush. But I do remember that he liked to call himself “The Decider.” I have my own “Decider”.  It’s my spam filter. I’m not talking about my Blog spam filter.  That filter has yet to make a mistake.  Why just today, it blocked: “This is pointless, why am …

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The Next Twenty

Remember – and even though you may old like me, you might remember, since it was JUST THIS WEEK –  when I wrote all those sweet loving things about my husband in honor of our twentieth wedding anniversary? Well, I meant all those endearing words about his endearing charms. However. Friday I learned that I …

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Calendar Girl

It’s December.  That means it’s time to shop for a new calendar. The calendars above are my work calendars from the last four years. You may have noticed that there are six calendars.  In four years. I am incredibly picky when it comes to calendars.  If I buy one and it doesn’t work out, I …

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