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Let’s Play Dress-Up

Two weeks ago, we had health insurance enrollment day at work. Our insurance broker came in to explain the unexplainable. But what was inexplicable to me was the agent’s outfit.  We were all flabbergasted. She wore a dress! Word spread quickly.  “Come to the insurance meeting.  This lady is wearing a DRESS!” None of us could …

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Just You Wait

I am not the bravest soul. (See “Fraidy Cat“). I am afraid of downhill skiing, motorcycles, clowns, and – I confess – sushi. But I summoned up my courage on Monday, and went to the Day-After-Christmas Sales. The scariest part of D-A-C shopping is the parking lot. I don’t mind parking far away, but just …

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Just What I Always Wanted

Christmas can be a stressful time. Many folks have trouble sleeping, what with worrying about buying presents, making dinner, travel plans, family issues, etc. So I think I should apologize for having added to your anxiety. I’m sure it has been difficult surviving these past few days wondering incessantly: Did my husband buy my Christmas …

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Away In A Manger

Everyone’s welcome at Christmas.

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A Christmas Mom-ism

This is my Mom and I yesterday at our family’s Eve of Christmas Eve party. My niece Naomi took the photo.  She’s five years old.  I think Mom and I look so happy because we are looking at her. However, I hold Naomi completely accountable for the state of my hair.  As far as I’m …

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A Snow White Christmas

I recently wrote about “Snow White and The Smelly Dwarfs” – but it is Christmas time and I also have a sweet (rather than smelly) Snow White story. This is an except from my as-yet unpublished novel.  It’s a fictionalized account of the Christmas when I was five.  But it is not so very fictional… the …

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I’m a Good Tipper

  Because I have a pile of presents to wrap, and a tree with lights but no decorations, it’s time for the Holiday Re-Run.  Here’s a post from way back when I first started to blog (a whole five months ago) and had few readers.  But I liked this one, so I am giving it …

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O Christmas Pan!

I met my husband in November 1989. By Christmas we were pretty much living together.  We weren’t kids – he was in his forties and I was thirty-eight. So we didn’t see much sense in taking it slow. Over decades of dating I had learned one thing about love. You’re better off not expecting him …

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Snow White and the Smelly Dwarfs

Psychology often smells a little fishy to me: LiveScience reported a new study published in the European Journal of Personality – a study of human personality scents.  Yeah, scents, not sense. The subjects wore plain white T-shirts for three nights, and were instructed to avoid fragrant products, smoking, drinking, and even smelly food.  Then other …

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Let Them Eat Cookies

Usually on the weekend, I bake bread. I like baking bread. Kneading the dough is very therapeutic. And the house smells fabulous. And of course the bread is delicious. Unfortunately,sometimes I just don’t have time. Like this weekend. But I threw together some blueberry muffins, so we had a few day’s worth of breakfasts ready. By …

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