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Eye Of The Beholder

I love Halloween. I loved it when I was a kid, as it was the only time except for Christmas and Easter when I got to dress up.  And I loved dressing up. I didn’t outgrow it.  I especially loved Halloween as a ‘youngish’ single.  I am naturally pretty shy. But on Halloween, I didn’t …

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My Ghost Makes Crank Calls

Many years ago, my husband and I bought an old house. Built around 1840, we didn’t know too much about its history. We did know about one lady who lived there. Her grandson, now our age, was our neighbor. She must have been a pretty nice Grandma, because Jim didn’t really want us to change a …

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So….My last post was my most successful ever.  ‘Ever’ meaning three months. I had a surprising number of views – and I am even adjusting for the new weird way that WordPress seems to be counting views.  I think their new methodology may be akin to every kid getting a trophy at T-Ball.  But whatever.  …

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Not Picky, Just Discriminating

This is the bravest post I’ve published so far. Because I am displaying eight (!) photos of myself, all unflattering. In none of these photos am I the oh-so-young looking, semi-adorable sixty-year-old.  No, I’m just your average sixty-year-old.  Way too average. But in my defense, I was just out running errands with my husband. It’s …

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Not My Dream Job

As I wrote in my last post, for a very long time (too long to call it a childhood fantasy) I wanted to be on TV. Well, it sort of turned out that way.  I worked for TV. Though not as an actress playing the heroine. I was in Finance. But although I was preparing …

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Dream Job

I’m proud to be First Generation.  The first generation to grow up with TV. My parents got their first television in 1951, the year I was born. They had the first TV in the family; the first TV in the neighborhood. They told me stories about everyone coming over on Friday night to watch Boxing. …

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I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS When I was seventeen, my sister’s boyfriend came home from his first semester at a New York acting school. He had a new word.  “Heavy”.  Like in, “Those jeans are so heavy.” I was a lifetime proponent of “Cool”.  But oh, “Heavy” was so cool. So I went back …

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Don’t Laugh. (Or Blink.)

I am on a quest. Well, several, really. I am a seeker of knowledge,of love, of joy. And, of beauty. My heart warms at a sunset, a lovely photograph, or a baby’s smile. Flowers lift my spirit. A cello can make me cry. And since I was a little girl, I have sought personal beauty …

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The Smartest Person

My father died this past Christmas.  Yesterday was his birthday.  He would have been 89. My Dad was a man of great intelligence and corny jokes. As an engineer of precision gauges, he had a PhD mind and a high school diploma. He sang dumb words to old songs. “It had to be stew.  Meat …

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It’s Raining Men. No. It’s Men Raining.

(My last post for heternormative week.  I’m sure you are relieved.) I don’t understand men. Growing up, my mother and my sisters were easy.  They were exactly like me.  They looked like me; they dressed like me; they thought like me. My father and my brother were smart and loving and funny, and I enjoyed having …

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