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Just Browsing

No gray hair for me.  I’ve taken care of that issue for years.  I’m a nice golden brown color, and I’m staying that way for the next ten years at least. But what is up with my EYEBROWS? My eyebrows have always looked like this: They have an okay shape, as long as I do …

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Size Creep

Two years ago I lost 12 lbs.  The incentive was my 40th high school reunion.  I was really skinny in high school, and although I will never be skinny again, I wanted to look young.  Specifically, I wanted to looked younger than a few select classmates.  Preferably, younger than all my classmates. I wasn’t exactly …

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The Conspiracy

I have a theory for everything.  Some of my theories are what my family calls “out there”, but I have one theory that has abundant evidence supporting it. I believe that when a boy reaches a certain age, (probably when he discovers his best friend/body part), his father sits him down for a serious and …

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A Presidential – but nonpolitical – Milestone

Disclaimer:  As the title indicates, this is not a political post.  There is no agenda.  This essay is, as always, just about me and my vanity. Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency was historic in all the ways that have been celebrated, discussed, and debated for the last few years. But his election also set a …

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Ingredient List

My husband loves junk food.  But he hates to spend money on junk food.  So he buys the cheapest candy and cookies he can find. It’s my opinion (and therefore superior) that, if you are going to eat chocolate (or a cookie, or whatever) – if you are going to have all those empty calories, …

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I’m Sticking With It

I’ve heard it said that when you find a style that suits you, you should stick with it. I’m not sure who said that – it was definitely not one of my mother’s pearls – but if I had to wager a guess, I’d say: Liza Minnelli Over the years I have developed a fondness …

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Beyond Clean Underwear – Advice from Mom

My mother’s advice extended far beyond bus-proofing my unmentionables.  My mother’s advice was wise, witty, and right. The first advice I remember her offering – (there were lots of  “don’t touch that, you don’t know where it’s been; You’ll put an eye out; Your face will stick that way” warnings) – but this was the …

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I’m a Good Tipper

DEAR HAIRDRESSER: Before you start, I’d like to share with you just a couple of my little “issues”: My face is really round. My eyes are close together. My eyebrows are going gray. I have a short neck, but an extra chin. My lips are too thin. I’m very pale.  Except when I’m tan. My …

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There’s A Hole in my Bucket (List)

Famous People I have met: 1.  Helen Hayes, 1981 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Famous People I almost met: Several years ago, when my husband and I were house-hunting, we looked at a little house in Litchfield Connecticut.  it was an eyebrow colonial –  isn’t that an adorable term?  I think …

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Dirty Dancing

This is not about the movie, but I might as well go ahead and and gripe about it anyway. Here’s something  I’ve always wondered about Dirty Dancing.  Daddy hates Johnny for sleeping with Baby.  Then Johnny dances with Baby, and Daddy finds out that Creepy (sorry, can’t remember his name, and not worth googling) was …

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