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Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Not Quite Old Tanning

There’s no doubt about it, tanning ages your skin.  Unfortunately, white skin ages YOU. I mean, really, is there anything older than an old lady’s white shin?  Perhaps her white thigh, which is why old ladies never reveal anything above the knee. I have white skin.  Luckily, I’m not the burn and peel, burn and …

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Not Quite Old Lips

Thin lips are aging.  This is what I see on TV, magazines, web, and cosmetic ads everywhere.  Thin lips are aging; plump lips are youthful. I  have thin lips.  I have a little mouth with teeny tiny lips.  I probably would have been a beauty if I’d been around when Lillian Gish was making silent …

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Not Quite Old Blue Jeans

Today is a jeans day.  We have no dress code at work, and very casual is the rule. So today it’s knee-length blue jeans.  Bottom of the knee, which is odd, but somehow leg-elongating. Faded, with a slim fit, they have a little slit at the hem so I can bend at the knee. My …

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Not Quite Old Bathing Suits

The end of July, but the first time this year at the beach. The teenagers look so great.  Bikinis, flat tummies, firm thighs.  The women just a little older look a bit more voluptuous–amazingly beautiful, if you can stand the tattoos.  Then there’s the thirties and forties.  Some thin, some heavy.  This is when the …

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